Surf Guiding

Surf Guiding / Spot Guiding

Are you a freesurfer and want to get the best surf sessions? Try our surf guiding.

Surf guiding is the best way to getting to know Galicia´s most famous spots and super secret locations with Nordes Surfhouse! As one progresses in surfing its only normal that we tend to have certain likes in waves. Some opt for fast punchy waves, others look for the barrel and a few just want to cruise on a mellowed out break. The good news is that at Nordes Surfhouse and surf-school we have options for all likes. Our area is known for its variety in waves and there sure is a lot of ground to cover. As any surfer knows, time is precious so don´t waste it. Make the most of your vacation by hiring a local guide to take you to the best options that our vast coastline has to offer!

So the day will begin by checking out the surf forecast and picking the best option based on those conditions. Of course, taking into account your surf level and experience, as well as your desire for adventure we will give you some options and then you can help us make the call. Once we get to the spot we will provide you with all the information you need in order to stay safe and get the most fun out of your surf session. Our guides will also be more than happy to give you some tips once we are in the water and to give you that extra feeling of comfort and safety.


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