Our team or better yet, our family is a group of what couldn’t be more different people with similar mindsets. Led by two surfers from different sides of Spain our atmosphere is one of diversity and are supported by a team of volunteers who manage every aspect of daily surfcamp life . Your surf coaches are experienced instructors who have over 10 plus years of experience in between both of them. Each with their own style and background, you´ll have a well rounded support staff in the house as well as in the water. Laughs guaranteed!


Galicia, spain

Lately I’ve been surfing twin fins and I am loving it! Always crossing my fingers for a Ponzos session.

surf coach of surf school


andalucia, spain

I like going left cause I see the wave. I’m goofy.

surfcamp staff
Team member of surf hostel
surf camp team
surf teacher
surf instructor at Nordes Surfhouse
surfcamp team
team member of surfhouse
Nordes Surfhouse Team


Past & Present


Past & Present