Surf Coach Fabienne

Position at Nordés

Surf Coach & Yoga Instructor


Steinen, Switzerland

Surf Experience

Growing up land-locked and amongst beautiful mountains, Fabi didn’t start surfing before her 19th birthday. The addiction became real after her very first green wave in Portugal that same year. In 2016, she decided to become a professional surf instructor. The Swiss shortboarder has surfed beachbreaks in France, Portugal as well as Morocco,  also crossing the big puddle to catch breaks amongst the piers of southern California. Fabi has also experimented with  different water temperatures all the way from Norway to Indonesia. If that wasn´t enough to convince you, this surfer girl has managed her own small Surfcamp in Cantabria for the past two summers. Rarely do you see Fabi without a smile while riding a wave and you better watch out, her genuine joy is infectious!

Some of my favorites

Big, blue, and beautiful: my biggest love is the sea and everything connected to it.  I spend an equal amount of days a year surfing and skiing in addition to practicing yoga or for that matter any other outdoor activity that comes to my mind to keep me going and to keep me fit. Apart from that, I absolutely love Nutella and ice cream!  Sunsets are some of my favs, a rocking concert, and of course exploring new places all over the world.

Favorite spot

Esmelle!  A fun beachbreak, sunset surf sessions and dolphins!