Surf Coach Adri

Position at Nordés

Surf Coach & Owner


Cobas, Galicia

Surf Experience

As a local to these waters it was only a matter of time before Adri would grab a board and take to the waves. He first started back in 2009 and then he was hooked. Our resident longboarder has surfed breaks in California, up and down the U.S. Coast East, Costa Rica (Pura Vida!) and of course Galicia! This guy is all about the nose ride and having a ton of laughs. Adri started working with Waverocker last year and is a great surf teacher because of his deep knowledge and understanding of the local spots and waves. As an all around waterman this is the guy you always want by your side.

Some of my favorites

I love paddling out with friends and clowning around in the water. For me the best one out there is the one having the most fun. An ice cold beer on a sunny day is when you will hear me say “this is life!” Music, good vibes with my friends and a bonfire and nothing at all can top that.

Favorite spot

Campelo. Pitted waves and unreal scenery.