Surf Spots

Surf Spots

An adventure awaits! With over 10 breaks within a 20km radius, you´ll have options from fast pitted waves & barrels, to chill out rides for the longboard, a protected bay famous for windsurf & kitesurf, all of course surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. For all likes and for all dislikes we have everything you need here in our little paradise. Surfs up!


One of the region´s most popular spots! Doniños offers worldclass waves and barrels its no wonder why this attracts surfers from all parts of the world. This beach plays host to the Spanish surfing championships and many other events that draw people to its breaks. A cozy beach bar in the corner and one on top of the hill overlooking the scenery, here you´ll find a place to enjoy a beer and catch up with all the fellow surfers!

San Xurxo


Because of its orientation and location in the inside part of the bay, San Xurxo is a perfect option for those days when the swell gets a little too big. The beach favors super long lefts in a point break fashion great for practicing maneuvers and turns. For more advance surfers, a long paddle out to the middle will provide you with a powerful right hander with big drop-ins.  If that wasnt enough, the restaurant Casa Claudina has amazing tapas and is a perfect place to have drink with views of the whole bay.


Crystal clear waters, amazing sunsets & plenty of real estate for all water like activities makes Esmelle one of the guest favorites. A beach that offers several peaks for all levels, Esmelle can also be a classic longboarding wave even when the swell gets big. Because of its ever changing nature and its exposed break, you can get amazing sessions in low tide to mid tide and even some powerful beach-break sessions that will always guarantee you a good time. Kitesurfers & Windsurfers crowd the bay when the wind picks up. This beach also is commonly frequent by our dolphin friends and chances are you´ll get lucky enough to share the waves with some true ocean locals!

La Fragata/El Vilar

Sister beaches Fragata and Vilar are right next to one another and offer spectacular surfing breaks during the summer season and when the most frequent NE wind blows. Boasting natural beauty and a protected from the wind these are great beaches to lay out and just take in the rays from the sun. Due to its orientation both of these beaches can withhold swells of up to 3 meters where here you´ll always get about a meter less. This a great wave for those new to the sport of surfing, offering very mellow and easy to read conditions. Watch out though, when the swell picks up you can get some pretty powerful waves that are not for the faint hearted.

St. Comba

Their is something truly special about St. Comba. Apart from its physical beauty and its deserted sands it can be a surf spot where you can have a session all to yourself. The beach tends to be a little fickle however can surprise you with some epic barrels, long left handers and zippy rights. This is a beach with several peaks to chose from and dont forget to check out the other side known as Marmadeiro. For those who prefer a quiet day, the dunes will give you all the solace one could want and if its exploring you´re looking for, go climb the cliffs to see the old hermitage which overlooks this wonder of nature.


Within walking distance from Nordes Surfhouse, you´ll find this gem. Ponzos is a surfers dream, wild and the pride of many of the locals. It´s an exposed beach that offers several peaks but tends to be a surf spot for a more advanced level of surfing. Big drops, thunder like waves and a landscape that will have you going back home thinking was that session a dream? On the other side is what the locals call ¨La Mina¨ where if the swells picks up more than 2 meters is only for the bravest! We are more than proud to call this one our home spot.


Campelo provides consistent surf all year around. What used to be one of the best kept secrets now draws surfers from all parts to its world class waves. Hidden amongst the cliffs it picks up even the smallest swells and offers pure power and fast breaks. A beach that is only accessible in low to mid tide, it really is a wonder and has a natural waterfal to clean off the salt and sand after the surf session. Being protected from the winds, Campelo works with most winds even though any variation of the Easter wind is the best option. The thing about Campelo is that is it fiercely protected by its locals and one should always paddle out with the utmost respect. All who visit normally come back saying it´s their favorite and it´s no wonder why.

Lago and La Cristina

With over 4km of beach and peaks it is Ferrolterra´s longest beach and their is always a wave to be found here. The beach is more commonly referred to as A Frouxiera or Valdoviño. However and depending on where you´re surfing the beach has many different names. La Cristina is on the left hand side of the beach and tends to work better when the swells are upwards of 2 meters but if your up for bigger waves just slowly move yourself towards the middle and you´ll get what you´re looking for. This tends to be a favorite for a lot of people seeing as that the beach has multiple peaks and plenty of space to spread out. Given its northern exposure ideal winds come from any variation of the south. Valdoviño offers both right and left handers and is always a great option for when the swells get way to big for any of the other beaches in the area.


Without a doubt Galicia´s most popular surf spot! This beach plays host once a year to all the pros who come from all different parts of the world to compete in the Pantin Classic a QS series event! Clear waters and breathtaking scenery this is beach is known as the wave factory for its consistency and high quality surf! The beach is located in between to hills and is the crown jewel for surf in the galician coastline. For all levels and abilities, Pantin is the perfect option!


Hidden in the bay and the last stop on the Ferrol surf coastline you´ll find Villarube. This is an option when everything else is just way too big to paddle out. When it pumps this is a wave that can rival any reef break, with its punchy lefts and its pitted rights even the best surfers will rave about this break. However inconsistency is what plagues this spot and when it works expect some crowded peaks.