The local situation. An update for Nordes Surfhouse.


The local situation at hand

Here we are one week  into the quarantine from an isolated village that you would think would be the last place on earth that anything would happen. Much less a pandemic virus. Galicia, has been no exception and our government has taken the measures to slow down the spread by instating an obligatory isolation where the only outings that are permitted are those for groceries and/or pharmacies.

Naturally, surfing is completely out of the question. So how has the local surfing community responded to this? Well taking temperature (no pun intended) of some locals I would have to say that it is pretty optimistic and unified. Everyone has a good grasp on the severity of the situation and understands that their individual responsibility to #stayhome is the quickest way we are all going to get back in the water. It doesn´t help that the wind has shifted and the spring swells have arrived (best time of the year to surf in our opinion), but no sense of crying over it. We will soon be back out there and soon be back at it.

Update for Nordes Surfhouse

At the moment we are taking this day by day. As the situation is constantly developing and uncertainty is the name of the game we will be giving updates through our social media and our web page on the opening of the Surfhouse for the 2020 season. Currently, the program for the scheduled surf-weeks remains the same and our surf school an surf classes are still scheduled to open and commence in June even though we are talking of extending the season well into November.

For those who have reserved in the pre-season that is, for the months of April and May the quarantine has been pushed back until the 13th of April. Unfortunately until then any reservation will be canceled or will have to be pushed back. We will be reaching out to each of you individually. Furthermore, we are still accepting reservations for this period once the travel ban has been lifted as well as the main season but at the moment will not be asking for deposits and our cancellation policy will be quite lenient until all this clears out.

Thank you guys for your understanding! We hope to get over this and surfing with all of you soon, very soon:)

Some ideas for the lock down

Many surfers both locally and internationally are staying quite busy. From live surf training workouts, to at home yoga and also just simply reading up on what is going on in the world of surfing there are a ton of things one can do to scrape off the hours.  Check some of these out:


Desde la croa

A great local blog from a great local surfer.



I particularly liked this one because of the broad range of subjects it covers. The read about localism in the northwestern USA is super interesting.

10 of Our Favorite Features to Read, Watch, and Listen To While You’re Quarantined




You got some time? This is a fucking awesome read!




Anyone of the Stab in the Dark episodes is a great watch. Check out what the best of the best have to say about what shapers are pushing out these days.



These are just a few of my favorites but there are literally hundreds of things one could read and watch. A quick google search and you´ll surely stumble onto something.


Written by: Adrian Pacer