A Galician Bali at Nordes Surfhouse

“Is this Bali?!” – Adri

Thank god this week ended with not so many goodbyes considering that almost all of our guests decided to book a long term stay here with us here in our little paradise.

We were joined by Marc from Austria, our old friends from Italia Giacomo and Alberto, as well as Umberto who we have not seen since our first season along with his girlfriend Marta. Also, Alex from Biarritz, France who was a completely riot, funny funny guy! And let´s no forget about Susanne who joined us from Bavaria! Having the house full with good vibes and waves to surf we easily had a great start to the week. The swell arrived and levels slowly rose. We got to try out several spots and all with very memorable sessions. From Esmelle beach, to some mellowed out surf sessions in Doniños and a powerful shorebreak to finish off the week in El Fantasma, their were no complaints to be had. Nina, who had already been with us for a week showed some great strides and improvements in her surfing which were put on display in some critical sections in our most famous local spot, something that made the coaches extremely proud. Joshi overcame an overdose of eating to much galician food hahahahaha! The true climax was when we hit our melting point with some pretty high temperatures that are not so common for us people here in the north of Spain and make us feel like in another hemisphere, hence the quote up above:)  But what better way to start into the well deserved weekend than with 30°C and a Carnival coming up that will get all people out into the streets dancing and drinking the heat away.

Chicos and Chicas! Thank you for a great week. As always we hope to catch waves with all of you again.


Written by: Julian Kastaun