Water is Life

“Water is life and life is water” – Camille


We started out this first full week of August with a really nice group and really nice waves. The surf camp was visited by old friends as well as some new faces. We welcomed back Marion from Switzerland and were joined by Camille and Cedric with his family all the way from Paris, France. From Sweden we were glad to receive Susanna as well as the longboard/shortboard power team Matthias and Ester from Sweden and The Netherlands. Also,  Alice and Benjamin from Switzerland who stayed with us for a second week. Not to forget our first timers Géraldine and Roman who did so  very good in the water. Our dear friend Emir and his girlfriend Luzia as well as Isabelle and Yannick from Switzerland who also participated in our surfcourse earlier in the week.

This week was just like life itself: we had mellow sunshine days where nothing seemed to disturb our little paradise. Just to be followed by rainy days and a big swell that was very demanding towards our surfers. But being trained on land and water by our fabulous surf teachers Fabi and Adri there is nothing that can no be done.

This group brought so much joy and fun besides surfing as we also discovered local cuisine like vieiras al horno on our already famous Nordes wednesday cooking nights. Not to mention exploring the countryside around Cobas. And what better way to end that week than with a bang: as some already know we are closing our surf weeks by going out all together, enjoying good food and some drinks while dancing the night away.

Guys, it has been our pleasure to surf with you and we hope to see you next year again…or earlier ;-).



Written by: Julia Kastaun