Surfcamp USI SUPSI


USI SUPSI week. Welcoming July and starting a brand new month, Nordes Surfhouse played host and undertook a whole new project for the first weeks of the month. Our surfteacher Fabi, who in previous years ran her own surfcamp at San Vicente de la Barquera, brought her UPSI SUPSI program fron the Universtiy of Lugano to our very own Surfhouse. This was the first time Nordes offered an exclusive two week program for a large group of eager surfers filled with activities from yoga, surf training programs and even a very cool and unique skate course.

Over the course of the first week we got to meet some pretty cool, super smart and insanely athletic people. From Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany & even as far as the U.S.A they all came to see what the coastline of Galicia had to offer. The weeks rewarded us with a variety of conditions offering a chance to surf many different breaks in many different conditions. From small little waves to some epic thunderous sessions in Esmelle, our guys really made some huge strides in improvement with their surfing:)

Apart from the waves and meeting the demands of our restless guests we offered a skate course, from longboard, regular and carver skateboards which was a big hit and a lot of fun for our guys and girls.

Not to mention the world cup and the pride that it brought out in all of us who were rooting for different teams! Many beers and many laughs and perhaps some tears from our spanish hosts were shed during this week. But nothing a few good waves couldnt cure!

One of the biggest highlights was also the fiesta del pulpo, which was just a ferry ride away in the small fishing village of Mugardos, where our guests could see how a true galician party was thrown with music, lots of vino and of course our favorite food the pulpo.

Below we have included some of our favorite pics and favorite memories of those awesome two weeks! Thanks for everything guys! Because it was such a success this year we are definately looking forward to extending the program for the following season and sharing so many more moments with all of you! Muchas muchas gracias!

Week 1

Week 2