Early Bird Waves, Late Night Raves! Nordes Surfhouse

Early Bird Waves, Late Night Raves! After making not quiet a full recovery from San Juan festivities new people but familiar faces showed up at our doorsteps. Some of our favorites and biggest Nordes supporters, Clau & Saki who we already share many previous memories came back for round 2. We couldn´t have been more stoked. Also, Urs who stayed with us another week because he knows the most important secret to any successful surf vacation; the first week is just a warm-up but the second you shred! (photo evidence below)! And of course, Tina who can turn any dull moment into an extravagant one:) The hidden surprise was Audrius all the way from Lithuania, a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago who decided to take some time off from the road and to give surfing a try! A natural talent indeed:)

Just when you thought San Juan was over, Sunday came rolling around the corner with another surprise in the form of a galician pop group, Paris de Noia, the most cliche thing imaginable but definately putting some smiles on some peoples faces. The week in waves surely did not dissapoint and due to the lack of swell we found ourselves being forced to go to Doniños, another one of our local spots, where there is always a wave! Many early sessions rewarded us with empty line-ups and a chance to catch whicheverwaves we paddled! What was great is seeing how quickly our surfers progressed! Clau and Saki always bring their very own special brand of enthusiasm to the beach and the house. (Thank you for a delicious night of arepas chicas)!!!!! A big hug to Tina who always makes sure our shot glasses stay full and of course to all the others who made this week truly one for the scrap book! We hope you enjoy reading these words and reminiscing in these pictures! Much love to each and everyone of you!


Gratefully yours,

The team of Nordes Surfhouse