San Juan week at Nordes Surfhouse

With great promise this week came in roaring with laughter, great waves and lots and lots of love all in time for San Juan week. We welcomed Riccarda and Andy (la furia roja) from Austria, who visited us for the very first time and instantly fell in love with beautiful Galicia. Kea from Paris, our Madmoiselle on the board, Herbert who stayed with us a second week because he just couldn´t get enough from shredding our awesome waves and Urs who joined us again and tested out his skills on the longboard! Just when you thought everything was set up we received a call from Nicole our favorite Dutchie who wanted to make a pit stop to join the surf course along the Camino de Santiago. This girl took the camino literally and decided to walk all the way from the train station in Ferrol right to Nordes Surfhouse. Not to mention Tina Winter who had been with us back in Waverocker and came to enjoy our new set up. If you want to now how to survive a holiday in a poncho she is the person to ask:) After a spontaneous Friday night pasta fest and a full house we were all ready for San Juan weekend! San Juan, is an super important holiday especially in Galicia where we celebrate the beggining us the summer and the summer party season. On Saturday we went to a local beach club and filled our bellies with Paella, Sardinas and of course Churrasco. However, the most important tradition of San Juan is of course jumping over the bonfire which all of our guests participated in! While some of us where able to make it home at a decent hour others had to be taxied in by some off duty coast guards that were also taking part in the festivities. A great week, with great weather and even greater people! A big thank you to each and every one of you special folks and lets make this a habit and meet all again, same place next year!!!!