A slow start to the summer. June in Motion here at Nordes Surfhouse

Summer has been slowly creeping in but it couldnt come soon enough and with our  second week of June and the anticipated arrival of our new guests we slowly started picking up the tempo. Maude who visited us for the first time from Switzerland came with high hopes of catching waves! Sabrina from Germany, our first timer was a little nervous but definitely up for the challenge. Aniello, an old friend of Fabis came to check out what Galicia had to offer and of course how could we forget about our very own Herb, who has been with us already for his third time, eagerly waiting to show us what he had learned this winter in South Africa! After a very promising week, a spontaneous Tuesday night dinner in downtown Ferrol, a rare occurance, made its way on the agenda due to the lack of waves:( So if surfing couldn´t happen, Galicia and the fine people here at Nordes Surhouse have some other hidden suprises that can turn any frown upside down 🙂 So what does one do when no waves can be found? Easy! Bike rides around the many hidden paths of Cobas, small outings to some pretty cool scenic views and even an afternoon of stand-up paddle! All of this coupled with our weekly tradition and guess what….even more amazing food! On a side note, the ocean did here our calls and Friday came roaring in with some epic waves. The week, after all, certainly did not dissapoint! So hip hip hooray and see you guys another day!