Surfing in May. A different spot each day!

Surfing in may brought some considerable challenges when it came to selecting the surf spots. Luckily here at Nordes Surfhouse we always find a solution and we always find a wave. This week we were lucky to have some familiar faces come visit us, Corina and Flo, who were with us last year joined by our new friend Norina were up for the challenge and boy did they not let us down. As surfteachers we like to bring our surfers to new and different spots, this only helps our students improve, considering that different waves offer different sensations and challenges and ultimately make us better surfers. This was totally the case this week and we surfed a different break each day. Even some super secret local spots!!!  Corina, Norina and Flo made proud teachers of us espècially on their last day were they were already riding the face of the wave and doing some small turns! Everytime they come to visit we only see improvement! With all our inside jokes, awesome dinners and competitive UNO games it turned out to be quite an amazing week! Thank you chicas and we hope to see you soon 🙂