Nordes 2018! First weeks of the season!

Nordes 2018. Here we go again! Back and stronger than ever.  After a long winter break, big swells, & rain that seemed like it would never come to an end, Nordes Surfhouse started their season with sun soaked days, beautiful waves and an awesome group of people that came to us from all parts of the continent! We were so happy to see some familiar faces and get to meet some knew ones. David who came to us all the way from Estonia was more than stoked to get out there and start catching every single wave and sure enough by the end of the week he was paddling into some big ones that had his surf teachers applauding! How could we forget Iris, who came to us from Lisboa and got to enjoy some amazing sessions only to have caught the wave of the week in Lago on her last day! Cedric and Nadine, who have already come to visit us a couple of times were ready for everything we threw at them and tried getting as many double sessions in as they could!

What´s great about having such a small group is you really get to connect with the people that come to visit. Long talks, inside jokes and laughs all day long! Cooking all together every night definately created a family atmosphere here at Nordes Surfhouse, which is what we here are all and completely about! So a big thank you to all of you guys who came to inaugurate the 2018 Nordes Season. We hope to see all of you again!

Welcome 2018! We are off to a rockin´start! Here´s to many laughs and many waves!

Good Vibes on the Tides!